Tuesday, November 15, 2005

DISC Assessment

Well I chose to write in bed again today. It's early. I have an all day seminar to go to for work. It starts at 8:00. I figured I could have my coffee in bed with my laptop and comforter before getting ready. I find it so much more inspiring writing here than at a steel cube looking at office furniture. Actually I have a pretty good view from my office so I shouldn't complain; nonetheless bed is preferred. Anyway...

Not sure what to expect from this seminar today. It's one of those team-building off-site things where they throw you all in a room and have you solve problems by using each of your strengths and weaknesses. Not sure if I'm up for it today. We had to do these DISC self-assessments prior to going which included answering a bunch of questions about how you operate in the work environment. I came out to be an asshole. No, really! I'm so ashamed....well not really. It's just that I like to get things done and won't put up with any bullshit or red-tape along the way. I've been spoken to for cussing in meetings, was even written up for it. And have been known to bring a tear or two to the eyes of some of my peers. Ok well the crying was more them expressing in private their own inner frustration. I guess I just bring it out in people. As I said before, I'm really a softy at heart.

I need to replenish the coffee. Be right back...

I'm back...had to open the shades. There's a beautiful sunrise that I can see from my bed. God, that's inspiring!

I love this house. Went looking at condos this weekend and while I did find one that I like, it's still hard to give up the house. Then again I just got to remember to rid myself of my attachments. It's only a dream right? This 80, 90 or 100 year old dream.

This house is rather large though for one person and even a Bandit. I can hear the furnace kicking on now. If I really work myself up I could start figuring out how much it's costing me right now to heat this monster: There goes a martini and appetizer at my favorite watering hole....oh that new Bette Midler CD I wanted just warmed the downstairs bath.

I went to Home Depot this weekend to order some new storm doors. One of them broke this weekend while I was changing from screen to glass. Yesterday while I was at work, they came to measure. I'm sure Bandit let them know of his presence, without abatement, for the entire time they were here. Actually he's one of the sore spots about condo living. Not only is he loud...as hell! But some of these places I looked at are on the second or third floor which means I'm going to have to get up and out with him every morning to let him do his stuff. And it's not like I can just let him shit in the yard and pick it up in the spring (okay I admit in the winter it's not very fun to be chopping up little remnants of Purina Pro-Plan from the frozen tundra). I'd have to get dressed, get his leash, take him out, pick up after him and if he doesn't want to come in stand there in my bunny slippers and bathrobe and shiver. Ugh! A small house would work better. But there so expensive. What I paid for this house five years ago in some cases doesn't even get you a 2 bedroom condo.

Thinking about doggie day care for Bandit. Especially if I choose the condo life. But he's so anti-social. He was thrown out of one a few years back. Failed miserably. Maybe I should have his DISC assessment done. He's probably an asshole too but I know a softy at heart.

Over and out....


P.S. Bandit says hello!

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Steve Waterhouse said...

I love hearing the comments from people who take behavioral assessments. The
self realization seems to give us all words to explain ourselves to others. It
sounds like your experience was the same. We use
Predictive Index and have
similar results. For me, it explained why my wife says I intimidate some people. ;-)

Steve Waterhouse