Monday, November 28, 2005

Is John Fugelsang Gay?

Well I'm back...had a wonderful time! It was nice to spend time with family over the holiday/wedding.

Since my Dad is no longer with us, my brother and I walked my sister down the aisle. It was very touching. Although I have to say, the ceremony was a bit hard for me. I brought back memories of a few months ago when I too exchanged some of those same vows. Back then I thought, 'Finally! We've done it. We've been able to work things out and settle down once and for all!' It's funny how things don't really work out the way you plan them. I would have been content for X and I to just live out a quiet, normal life into our 90s or 100s. Now, it's back to the drawing board. But for the better, right? Nonetheless, it was difficult.

We all roomed up at a Holiday Inn in Venice Beach - I don't think that place will ever be the same. I could actually hear a sigh of relief as we left. We swam, sun tanned, shopped, partied, ate and ate some more, drank and then ate again. Did I mention I now weigh 375 lbs? Kidding!

Oh, I heard back from the weather man! He was flattered by my message and told me I shouldn't be embarrassed; however, he is involved. Oh well. But doesn't mean we can't be friends. Maybe he can hook me up with a cute sports announcer or something. Speaking of which...

Well, now that I think of it it's not really all that related but...I saw John Fugelsang (Fugelsang's pic and bio here) in Florida. He was out with what looked like to be his parents. They were shopping, as was I, at this new gallery that opened in my Mom's area. You may remember him as the host of America's Funniest Videos (1997-2000) and his long-running stint with VH-1. He's cute! But not sure about what team he plays for. Probably straight. Damn! I didn't say anything to him. Didn't want him to think I was so lunatic stalker; although I did manage to snap a picture of him from behind. No, not of his behind. Well actually???

X didn't move out. The latest is that he and his new non-X want to buy me out. Actually, as long as the price is right, I'm willing. More later...


P.S. Bandit's happy I'm back. He picked me up at the airport.

P.S.S. all three of you that read this page. Comments are no longer relegated to Blogger members only so you're welcome to scratch out a note.

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Anonymous said...

Fugelsang is straight. He's married to a woman named Charmien LaFramenta.