Monday, December 12, 2005

The Same Pinocchio Lunch Box

"Don't You Dare Confuse Our Pinocchio Lunch Boxes!"

It so nice to have a best friend. I've been chatting quite regularly with Phyllis for the last couple days. Unfortunately we had sort of gotten caught up in our own lives and rarely talked anymore - let alone see each other. She's down south pursuing her own career and me obviously up here. But hopefully she'll move back.

Last night as Phyllis and I were chatting on the phone, and of course talking about you know who, guess who's name flashes across my cell? Yes, Torch! He FINALLY called! I hung up with Phyllis. And Torch and I talked for about ten minutes - lengthy for him. He again apologized for acting crazy the other night and also set a day, Thursday, for me to see his place. But as Phyllis says just let it go! Detach from it. She's so right. And I have. I can be a bit of control-freak but I'll let Torch make the call on this one.

Of course I then had to call Phyllis back and fill her in on the details. It's funny how the retelling of a ten minute phone conversation can take a half-hour.

I sold some stuff on eBay. I made a whopping $10! Woo hoo! But nonetheless found this old Pinocchio lunch box up for sale. I didn't get it. It went for over $100 bucks. But it was the very first school lunch box I ever had. And coincidentally the same one Phyllis had. She was afraid I was going to get our lunch boxes mixed up. God forbid a five year old's pb&j and thermos of milk get confused.

Had a nice dinner with my sister, brother-in-law and his mother last evening. We had a fantastic greek dinner, a roast leg of lamb. My brother-in-law made it. He's such a fantastic cook. There's nothing like a good home cooked meal with family and friends. They hope to make it a Sunday tradition which would be nice. I don't get to see them very much. But they've been reaching out more since X left. And I've been reciprocating. And I must say it's nice to be surrounded by loving, caring family and friends instead of alone or at work constantly.

On most weekends, I usually just go to work to escape the monotony and boredom of being alone. How pathetic is that? I'd sometimes dread the weekends. Especially when X was around because we'd end up fighting or I'd just get upset. So I'd just get wrapped up in my work.

Speaking of work, Monday's here again. I should find out about the appraisal today. Oh and did I mention I e-mailed the VP of Human Resources at the part-time gig? I had had it in regards to getting the run around about when training would be completed. I keep getting: We're flexible; we'll work with you. But I haven't seen it. I've had to take four vacation days to accommodate their training. When I was told I wouldn't need to. I have high standards and when they're not being met I get mad. It's the dominant nature in me. So I told him: I said I am anxious to start and am responsible and professional - someone that you'd want working for you yet I'm starting to feel otherwise. I got a reply back on Friday night that he will look into this coming week and "try" to respond to me. Try? From the VP of HR, he's going to try. That company needs to be whipped into shape. I'd go in there an haul ass if I were in charge.

Maybe I should let that go too. There goes the wanting of control again. I need to work on that. Let it go.

This letting go really speaks to the 'Release Technique' / 'Sedona Method' that I mentioned in The First One post. All misery is derived from desire. The desire for want of approval, the want of control or the want of safety and security. And it's true. Thinking of something that's troubling you. Why does it trouble you? Do you want to control it? Are you seeking approval? Or are you looking for security? If we don't want these things (control, approval or safety) then we're happy. And not only are we happy but we wind up getting the control, approval or safety we were looking for in the first place. It's the wanting and desiring of them that causes the strife.

I dreamt about mice last night. That Bandit and I were in the backyard of the house across the street from where I grew up. We were hiding or escaping something together. Bandit started getting fidgety and as we hunkered down. I wasn't sure why he was upset then mice started coming out of the grown and crawling all over me. And then later I was in a house sharing it with my nieces and nephews and in my niece's chest of drawers were mouse droppings. I don't know what all that means. Any thoughts?

Speaking of thoughts, for those of you that are interested, you can post anonymous comments using the comment link button below each post. Good way to interactively tell me how crazy I am.

Well over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hello. Of course he's sleeping...again!

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