Thursday, January 05, 2006

The O'Reilly Factor for Gays

Back into the groove of work. The hectic pace has started. Will it ever end? Yeah, probably when I'm 80.

I like my job ...sure I'd like to be doing something more creative, with more money and recognition but for it's purposes it suits me fine. I want TKC and my writing to cover the creative aspect - and eventually be my main source of income but at this rate it'll never happen.

All the work on TKC that I had planned on doing over break never happened. I just needed the creative loafing time. I love that phrase, creative loafing. I got that from a tape series I have called "Money Love" by Jerry Gillis. He talks about the need for downtime and how it's essential for the entrepreneurial and creative processes. I've been using it for years, maybe a little too much. Now is the time for action but I've also got a lot of personal shite to take care of.

Speaking of "shite", Jay Severin (whom I got the phrase from instead of saying shit) is back on talk radio. Congratulations Jay for going national. Jay is not your gay loving liberal - far from it.

Now many of you will probably cringe in knowing that I listen to Jay as well as Bill O'Reilly (more on him later) but I just find their take on things to be more fact based than some of the more liberal emotional ploys we hear in other areas of the media (PBS, NBC, Boston Globe, New York Times). I have a hard time justifying my qausi-conservative self sometime: How can I listen to someone who calls gays "pansies", "sissies", "panty wearing men" etc and so forth. I guess I just like to listen to all viewpoints. I'm not easily offended. I certainly don't subscribe to all their beliefs and wouldn't expect them to see mine.

I guess I'm just a moderate and like to listen to both sides. I certainly can't argue for our rights if I don't know anything about the opposing view.

It's not all about hate and them not understanding us or us not understanding them. The worst we can do is be judgemental and discriminating back at them.

I love religious people! I'm not a religious zealot, don't go to church but I'm not going to disassociate with someone because their a flaming catholic or a believer in Intelligent Design. In fact, I'm intrigued by their opinion: How can someone be so stupid? No, I'm kidding...honestly.

Regarding Bill O'Reilly...a friend of mine, Tom Lang from, was on his show last night. I've mentioned Tom's pursuits before.

Tom - a definite liberal - is a big proponent of gay marriage. We both see eye to eye on that. He was on O'Reilly's show last night discussing the fraud within the collection of the ~124,000 signatures gathered by those wanting to put gay marriage on the ballot in 2008 (for Massachusetts).

I couldn't believe it was him as I was channel flipping. Way to go Tom! He and his husband were married a couple years back...good people.

I didn't catch the very beginning. He was on via satelite from Boston. O'Reilly, trying to get both views (hence my enjoyment of his shows), had Kris Mineau from the Massachusetts Family Institute, an opponent to gay marriage on as well.

O'Reilly's take was why not just let the voters of Massachusetts vote on it. My response would have been did we allow the civil rights of blacks to be on the ballot? That probably would have gone off into a conversation about the sanctioning of homosexuality as normal which is really the crux of the issue.

Are gays deviant? Or is it normal biology? If it's normal than we really shouldn't be denying them financial, legal and ethical rights.

O'Reilly doesn't really have a problem with homosexuals (like any minority) unless of course we start looking for "special" rights not equal rights. That's where we need to be careful. Don't be creating high schools exculsively for gay kids and start discriminating against others so that we can have some sort of semblance of equality.

Anyway, never enough time to write - must go wash up in my new sink (got the faucet installed last night). Over and out...


P.S. Bandit's sitting next to me watching me type, as if monitoring my comments. Don't worry Bandit, I'm not saying anything bad about you. My poor little guy...

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