Monday, March 27, 2006

Extreme Makeover Gay Edition: Daniel Kucan Hot! Gay?

Ty Pennington Looking Awfully Cute

Well I hope you enjoyed Bandit hijacking my Blog yesterday. I hope you know he did not have my permission. Nuff said...

Had the fourth showing of the week yesterday on the house. According to the realtor she feels it's going to be under agreement shortly. Apparently the people that walked through on Friday loved it. They want to see it again. And then there's the couple that saw it a couple of weeks ago that supposedly want another showing. Compliments are all said and good but show me the money!

Speaking of money, my favorite topic, I've begun stirring the creative juices again. (No, not those juices.) I might be onto something but need to think it through some more.

Hold on need to get my coffee...

Ah, that's better. I'm out of my Gevalia so back onto Folgers. It's not as good but still does the trick.

Did you watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night? Isn't Ty Pennington delicious? Although he wasn't on last night, I actually like Daniel Kucan better. I can't believe that this one is straight. Maybe the "girlfriend" reference in his Extreme bio is a front. Daniel Kucan must be gay. God, please? He has a theatre background and went to NYU. Isn't everybody in theatre gay? I know half the population of NYU is...or at least was when I was there. Maybe they mean girlfriend as in, "Hey girlfriend let's go to Nordstroms and buy ourselves some new shoes!"

I've updated my Yahoo! personals profile. Although I'm still not ready for a relationship I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least update it.

Oh, look who came up for his post-bingo loves. The hijacker himself, Mr. Bandit. I don't know Bandit. You conjured up some ugly rumors about your Dad.

Alright, need to dispense some loves. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit think he writes better than I do. He says he doesn't ramble as much. Oy! Upstaged by a dog.


Maximus Leo said...

Can't tell from the picture whether he is Straight Gay or Gay Gay guy. Don't even get to see this series in Tokyo!

Have fun with the realtor! Show us the money!

Rick Bettencourt said...

For Daniel Kucan's response check it out.