Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Silly Things We Say in Boston

Yesterday I alluded to some Boston colloquialisms. I thought I'd expound. We here in Boston are weird. Not only do we drop our r's a lot when we talk, we have some unique phrases. Take a read at these...

  • Packie. The package or liquor store. "The packie is a place weah ya buy ya beah."

  • Onna-conna. As in on account of, "I can't go to the packie onna-conna it's closed on Sundays."

  • Ba-ba. The person that cuts your hair. "I went to the bah-bah and it cost me fifteen doll-uhs."

  • Bub-lah. It's spelt bubbler, which is a water fountain. "It's so hut out. Hold my pocketbook (purse) while I go and get a drink at the bub-lah."

  • Wicked. To us this means good. "Did you see the Pat's game last night? Wicked piss-ah!" Adding the word "pisser" into the context means it's really, really good.

  • Meffid. The city of Medford. "Meffid is next to Sommaville. My ex-boyfren and I use ta hang out in Meffid Squayah."

  • Huss. As in a pony...or horse. "Weah gonna go up nahth (north) to see ya ahnt (aunt), maybe she'll let ya ride the husses." Or better yet, "Did you rent the Huss Whispa-rah with Rawbit Reffid? That's a great pic-cha!"

  • Daak. As in dark. "I hate the win-tah (winter). It gets daak too early. At fouah o'clock the sun is settin."

  • No suh. As in no way or no sir...not sure what it really means. Jenny: "Did you know Ayla got booted from American Idol last night?" Sally: "No suh!" Jenny: "Ya huh!"

  • Wistah. The city of Worcester. "If you bang a uey (make a U-turn) at the caw-nah (corner), you'll held right inta downtown Wistah."

  • Jimmies. Chocolate sprinkles for your ice cream. "Can I have a lahge choc-lit with jimmies?"

  • Frappe. A milkshake. "I didn't want no honkin' ice cream cone with jimmies. You fuh-gut. I wanted a frappe!"

  • P'daydas. Potatoes. "And for yah p'dayda? Mashed, baked or fries?"

  • Skeeve. As in freaks out. "That Mahk kid dude. He skeeves me out."

  • Quayuh. As in queer, but not gay, more so stupid and dorky. "You ah so quayuh! Why would anyone still listen to rec-kids? You should just get it on CD."

  • Light Dawns ova Mahblehead. As in being so stupid it took you awhile to catch on. Marblehead, the birthplace of the US Navy, is a small town near Salem. "My professah was 'splainin (explaining) sumpin (something) on the board and it was like 'lights dawns ova Mahblehead'. I finally got it!"

  • Alright, that's enough. I'm just glad today is Saddadee so I can relax. Over and out...


    P.S. Bandit's bah-kin up a stom. Must be the rah-tree-vah.


    Rick Bettencourt said...

    It has been brought to my attention that some Bostonians prefer Woo-stah to Wistah. Please pardon the mishap.

    savante said...

    Good God. IT's a whole different language :)


    Maximus Leo said...

    The last time I was in Boston, that was 22 years ago! Don't even remember what it looks like but I know it was freaking cold! I understand American slang better now!