Saturday, April 08, 2006

Daniel Kucan Caught in Gay Circuit Party

I've found some interesting tidbits on Daniel Kucan by doing a simple Google search. You remember him, the hottie from Extreme Makeover?

Well apparently he is also an actor and done at least one gay related movie called Circuit, sort of a sort core porn movie about the gay circuit party scene. I don't know what he plays in the movie but thought it interesting nonetheless. I'll have to check it out. He's done several other movies. I think some others are gay but I can't really tell and he may have just had small parts. I'm not really sure.

In a review for TV Guide Ken Fox says:
...the film is really closer to porn than a serious critique of what's wrong with this increasingly pervasive aspect of gay culture.
Kucan also did a movie (or series) for television called Santiara. Sounds rather interesting. It's a romance set in 1900 California wine country. My heart is going pitter-patter.

Oh well...Daniel if you're out there and happen to be looking for a tall, dark and handsome professional gay man give me a call! (Hey I got to market myself somehow.)

Daniel Kucan in Santiara


Joe said...

Ok, so you can have Ryan back. I'm tired of his whiskers and he has started yelling Simon or Rick in the middle of the throughs of passion! So, I'm done with him. And that leaves Daniel open for me, so he's moving in this weekend. Plus, he'll be handier around the Have a great weekend! Smooches!

Rick Bettencourt said...

Oh Lord...why can't I have both! Decisions...decisions...decisions!

Joe said...

Let's trade off! When I'm done with my kitchen remodel, we can switch! But wait, when will we have time for each other?

savante said...

I want both too!


Rick Bettencourt said...

There's alwasy Ty too. Too bad he wasn't gay.