Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Sold My House!

The Old House (2000 - 2006)
I sold my house! Finally. Done. Finis. Over with. I got the check in hand (yet can't cash till Monday). What a relief!

Just a quick recap of the day...

X picked me up early to account for "getting lost time". We got there a half-hour early so went to Dunkin' Donuts. Had a coffee and one of those egg sandwich things they make. God are those good (and fattening). We then head over to the law office and met the "girls", the new owners. They were excited but scared. It's a very intimidating process.

Anyway, I will save you all the boring details expect to say when I finally gave them the keys you could see it hit them. "Wow," was all they could say. We hugged in the parking lot and they promised to invite me to their first cookout. After all they're going to need some good gay friends in the area; they're not from this area and will need friends that are nearby.

In the car, I called my Mom to tell her it went through. Knowing the last fiasco we were all on edge. She was happy for me. We then headed back to my sister's place, with X, so that we could divvy up the money and figure out the logistics of cashing the check on Monday (whose account etc.) and the subsequent paying off of certain joint things. We then had to run around and cancel some joint accounts. We should have done this months ago. It's nice that we both trusted each other enough not to go running up huge balances on each other's credit cards: I was an authorized buyer on his Discover card; he was on my Macy's card, a joint account at Home Depot etc. We both hate credit card debt and never charge anything anyway. Those were all cancelled and then we went to lunch to celebrate.

We went to this excellent restaurant on the water in Salem. We got several martinis, an order of mussels, delicious entrees and key lime pie for dessert. I was stuffed and tipsy by two o'clock when we left. Although, halfway through the appetizers my cell phone rang. It was the office trying to divert a crisis. I said, "I'm two martinis in the bag so whatever I tell you to do keep that in mind." They laughed. I spent about a half-hour on the phone, at the table, in conference, on my vacation mind you, discussing database structure. That put a damper on things but I quickly forgot about it once I hung up (that was until they called back a half hour later).

X and I talked about my recent exploits in the relationship department. And we laughed about some of the stupid things we did in Provincetown, Key West, Italy, Mykonos etc. I was feeling generous and picked up the tab. He balked but I insisted on paying.

You're probably thinking why in the f#ck would Rick take his X-husband out to lunch. Well, I always said it was "gay divorce" in the truest sense of the word. X and I were really good friends, probably more so then lovers, before we got married. I guess I like to let bygones be bygones. It's not as if I'm going to be hanging out with him and his new boyfriend everyday or be the best man at their wedding.

Besides who else was I going to celebrate with? Handsome hasn't called. Although I did get a text message out of the blue last night: Thinking of you. "Alright, if you're thinking about me then why don't you give me a call! I left you a voice message the other day. We were supposed to go out on a real date. Remember?"

And then...out of the blue, Torch left me a message. Remember him? The Dead Tulip. How could you forget. I must have been down stairs with my sister when the cell phone rang (not that I would have picked it up anyway seeing his name flash across). "Yeah, hey Rick it's Torch (name changed). Can you give me a call when you have an opportunity? Thanks."

Opportunity? Who leaves a message saying "opportunity"? Maybe if I'm calling a vendor at work or discussing a missing document from the file room or something. I'm not sure if I'm going to call him back. Maybe next week. Although, if I go out tonight he might be at "The Club". Who cares?

Then I was thinking maybe that's why these knuckleheads (Torch and Handsome) are finally calling and text messaging me. They probably wanted to go out last night and were afraid to bump into me so figured they put the call in that way they can't say they hadn't tried. I don't know. I didn't go out last night so I'll never know.

Speaking of knuckleheads, rumor has it that the guy that was supposed to buy my house the first time was a former baseball player for the New York Yankees. I guess maybe he didn't make enough money to be able to afford my home.

Anyway, over and out...


P.S. Bandit's still up North with his other Dad (X). He should be back next week. Hopefully the bathroom will be done by then.


Donnie said...

Whew! Congrats on selling the house and tidying up all the loose ends with the Ex.

digital t-square said...

Congrats on the sale!
Who's who in your list of characters? Bandit's other dad isn't X? Confusing.

Rick Bettencourt said...

THanks guys..

Digital - no Bandit's "Other Dad" is X. You were right. Sorry for the confusion.

Charles said...

Hey, congrats on the house! Has to feel good to have all those loose ends tied up.

Spider said...

Congrats - my relationship with my X sounds like yours with yours - it is just so much easier that way - and we still care deeply about each other - we just couldn't live with each other - go figure!

Curtis said...

Congratulations! Sounds like things are moving up, up, up!