Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Feet

Happy Feet was the #1 rated movie for the weekend. I saw it Saturday at Jordan's IMAX theater in Reading and enjoyed it very much.

Despite it's see through plot - the outcast saves the world - it appeals to the kid within. At times I even found myself dancing in my seat - the soundtrack is worth the admission. Additionally, the voice talents of Robin Williams, Elijah Wood and Nicole Kidman were fantastic.

I praise it for taking the simplicity of its storyline and turning it into a wonder. It just goes to show you the retelling of the underdog rises from the ashes plot line will always persevere.

I think I was the only one but even though the movie wasn't sad, I still wiped away a tear or two at its feel good ending. What can I say? I'm easily moved and a sap for children's films.

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Spider said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who crys at sappy, feel-good things... glad you enjoyed it - will put it on my "to see" list...

Hot Toddy said...

I seriously can't believe this is a real movie! Amazing.

Donnie said...

I went to see this on Saturday. I thought it was cute, but I mostly went to see it for the music. I was SO glad to see the teaser trailer for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix before the film.