Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Night Out on the Town of Portsmouth

Will and I had a great night last night. We started out by heading up to New Hampshire for wine. Since my sister and Chuck had to work Thanksgiving Day, they decided to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for today and we were out of wine. Will and I made the trek over the boarder to go to the New Hampshire State Liquor store for their prices are very reasonable and selection is quite good. I ended up getting over a case of several different varieties – mostly reds. A hundred-fifty dollars later, Will’s SUV was packed with wine, vodka, triple sec and the like -- actually a bargain if you ask me.

We left the liquor store with my telling the cashier, "that should be enough for a couple of days."

With a look of shock she shouted, "a couple of days?"

"I'm's a joke."

Since we were in the vicinity and hungry, we then drove up a bit further into Portsmouth. What a great city! I’ve been before but only briefly: Once for an audition for a Home Depot commercial that I didn’t end up getting. (I guess the jeans and work boots didn’t butch me up enough.) And another time with X but we had Bandit in the car so we didn’t get to spend much time.

What a phenomenal city! They had an excellent Life is Good store better than the one in Newburyport which into a ton of shops filled with some really interesting eclectic stuff. They had a coincidentally we had gone to on Saturday, a cool music store, a really cool blown glass studio, card stores, toy stores, kitchen stores, art galleries, wine name it. The city itself is just rich with character from the shops to the architecture to the people. What a great city to live in...and very gay friendly.

After buying half the town up (Christmas is as good of an excuse as any to shop), we stopped off for dinner at a fabulous restaurant called The Oar House. It was also fabulously expensive but well worth it. I had a shrimp, scallop and haddock dish drizzled with a light lobster sauce that was absolutely amazing! And Will got the mahi-mahi special which was served over an asparagus bed; he loved it. Nearly two hundred dollars later, we left with some really fantastic memories, good conversation and full bellies. Oh, and the pecan pie with chocolate was good but Will didn’t leave much for me. No, actually I was too full.

The Oar House, Portsmouth, NH

Afterward we headed back to the North Shore, let Bandit out to do his bingos and then went to “The Club” that we met at. It was kind of lame. I was exhausted. We didn’t stay long especially after Torch showed up. He was cordial but then quickly left after I acquainted him with Will. They know each other anyway (I told you that whole story before). The three of us talking in a circle was a bit awkward; having them both together kind of weirded me out.

Well, more turkey today. God, I've been eating like a pig lately. No wonder why my jeans are tight. Perhaps a little lipo will fix that up.

Well, over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hi!


Sorted Lives said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! I want to go there!! Always love a great restaurant.

digital t-square said...

Wow. It would be fun to go across state lines to shop, eat, and drink. Good to hear that you stocked the liquor cabinet for a "couple of days."

Donnie said...

Sounds like a great "day trip", Rick! Spending time with your man sounds like it's agreeing with you. Cherish all these moments.

Spider said...

We have a "Life is Good" shop here in Winter Park - great shop! Sounds like a beautiful day... nothing prettier than New England in the fall and winter - unless it is Virginia!

digital t-square said...

Inquiring minds want to know... Virginia?

Rick Bettencourt said...

Yeah, I don't get the Virginia reference. Something you care to share Spider?