Friday, November 24, 2006

Will Connecticut Legalize Marriage?

Will Connecticut be the next state to legalize gay marriage?

After seven states in this month's mid-term elections voted to limit marriage between a man and a woman there's a bit of hope for this small New England state: A brief was filed this week claiming Connecticut’s refusal to allow same-sex couples to marry violates gay people's constitutional rights to equal protection to all citizens.

Last March a senior attorney at Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders filed a brief that was dismissed stating that Connecticut currently has civil unions - marriage is not needed.

Will the Supreme Court now hear the case?


Will said...

New York is moving toward some kind of marriage bill also. It's all in the liberal Northeast, but if Connecticut (one of the "richest" states in the union ) and New York (one of the most populous and influential) were both to get same-sex marriage, it would be a major statement.

Sorted Lives said...

I agree with Will. That would be a huge step. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Donnie said...

I hope all goes well in Connecticut.