Tuesday, November 21, 2006

X Sick

Well I figured today I would post a little bit about what's going on currently. I've been writing a lot about the past, save yesterday's Happy Feet posting for a reason. It's just that "current" situation has been so off the wall crazy I hadn't wanted to delve into it. So I'll still avoid it and go into somebody else's issues.

I talked to "X" yesterday. He's been sick for over a week with a high temperature and flu-like symptoms.

I don't know why but it still concerns me to hear of his predicaments. I know he's created his own circumstances and needs to live it but it's still troubling. I guess I wouldn't be human if I didn't care.

Since we've divorced he hasn't picked up any health insurance and for that I worry. I mentioned to you of his heart attack last year (click here for a recap) and even though we're not the best of friends I'd hate to see him relapse.


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