Friday, December 08, 2006

Mary Cheney's Pregnant and Bill O'Reilly is...Happy?

"Mary, look at Bill O'Reilly over there.
He's trying to get a date with Rick Bettencourt."

Mary Cheney's pregnant and while George Bush is probably cringing, Dick and Lynne Cheney “are looking forward with eager anticipation to the arrival of their sixth grandchild.” Yet, what about my friend Bill O'Reilly? What's his take on all this?

The baby, according to the Washington Post, is due in late spring. Mary Cheney, 37, and Heather Poe, 45, who met playing ice hockey, have been together for 15 years. Obviously, they are "ecstatic" about their new addition. This gay man says "good for them!"

While my little gay conservative self tends to agree with Bill O'Reilly on a lot of issues (I can hear my gay constituents cringing), I don't necessarily see eye to eye with him on his belief that a man and a woman are best to raise a child. My reason being is that I think there are a lot of ideals. For example, ideally, at least one parent should stay at home to raise a child through to say high school or maybe even college is better; there should be a preponderance of wealth to assure quality of life; parents shouldn't drink more than 2 glasses (maybe 2.5 if the glasses are small) of wine in one sitting; they shouldn't smoke; they should have two arms and two legs in order to get around faster in case of emergency. I could go on and on.

Is it the social stigma that's at play? To avoid being picked on in the schoolyard, perhaps a Mom and a Dad is best. Well then what about a black Mom and a white Dad. There's still a bit of a stigma with interracial marriage. Societies evolve and as such so do the beliefs of the people.

While there are certainly parental ideals, the lack of such shouldn't disbar people from adopting or bearing children. I don't think any clear thinking individual would agree to that. And let it be stated that I'm not saying that Bill believes gays shouldn't be allowed to have children, he's merely stating it's not ideal. In that respect, I'm not sure if he's happy for Mary or just indifferent.

Poor Bill. As he stated on air yesterday, maybe he should hang with a guy. After all, he's never, ever been treated to dinner by a woman. Well Bill, if you're reading this, I'll take you out to dinner. Have your people call mine and we'll arrange for a nice steak dinner and a bottle of wine. Just don't try to grab my hand, we might get bashed.

Ideally, maybe a man and a woman are the best choice to raise a child. My point being, that it shouldn't be the only factor. Obviously caring individuals are really what is important. Maybe the love and caring from just one individual would suffice. In fact, Bill O'Reilly even said if he were a child up for adoption and Rosie O'Donnell came into his agency, he'd jump at the chance to live with her. Why? It's all about quality of life. Whether it be financial or love, it's what can you bring to your family that's important.

"Well Abdullah, there's something I've been meaning to ask you..."


Will said...

Just for the record, I raised two daughters as a single gay man and they've turned out just magnificently unless you're the type of person who considers a politically liberal, unprejudiced, independent and resourceful woman a threat or a failure.

We were a real family. A really GOOD family.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Sounds like a good family to me.

The Ripper said...

Great post, thanks. Don't know if you've seen this David Letterman clip with Cheney in it, but its pretty funny--

Donnie said...

That's a well-written post, Rick. I agree with you. While I personally cringe at the thought of raising a child, I say "good luck" to anyone who wants to take on the job. More power to 'em!

steve'swhirlyworld said...

Yes, no children for me in this lifetime, but everyone should have the right. I wish Mary would have created this stink a few years back, but I'm glad she's doing it now.

jay lassiter said...

oh boy, another self-loathing queer trolling around the GOP for acceptance. great. just what gays like myself need.

oh and for the record, we may be cringing, but we are NOT your "gay constiuents."