Thursday, December 21, 2006

No More Alarm Clock!

Today I permanently shut my alarm clock off for the rest of the year. What a good feeling that was! Bye, bye clock. more hearing that God awful beeping at 5:30 in the morning. From now on I will wake up when I want and how I want. Isn't that such a great feeling? I'll still get up early but regardless it'll be because I want to.

I'm sooo looking forward to having some "me" time...time off to do whatever the hell I want to do. Don't you just love vacation time? It's the best part about working ain't it?

Today our team gets out of work a little bit early. At a restaurant not too far from the office, we're having our departmental Christmas dinner. We'll get all the food and drink and dessert we want. It'll be a fun time. I find that I'm with these people sometimes more than my family and friends; you get to develop a bond. It'll be nice to celebrate with the "office family". Plus you loosen up people and get some good scoop.

After the party, I'll come home and freshen up and then I'm off to see Phyllis! Recall she's on her way home for the Christmas holidays. I'll pick her up at her parent's place and then we'll head on out to the "Club" for a few drinks maybe sing a little Karaoke. Should be fun. I haven't seen her since my Divorce Drunk-Fest back in May.

Speaking of which I added a new category, if you go to the Bandit Talks' Blog Postings by Category section on the right you'll see a new category called "Absolutely Fabulous Phyllis". These are all the posts you know and love about my adventures with Phyllis. So happy reading!
Phyllis, Whoopi and I Looking Fabulous!


steve'swhirlyworld said...

I love ABFAB - I'll have to read your posts about Phyllis. I have ONE more morning of 5:30 a.m. - 1/2 day tomorrow, and then I, too, am off until January 2nd! Happy Holidays Rick

Maddog said...

Enjoy your time off, it'll pass far too quickly. Have fun with Phyllis, can't wait to hear all the details.

Countess Bedelia said...

Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures with Phyllis.

Happy Holidays, Rick!