Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rick Gets It Up the...

I have a doctor's appointment today. Now that I'm 40 I think I get the old "finger" test. I'm not looking forward to that. In case it's not obvious, the position of "bottom" is not my strong suit. We'll see how I make out.

I also have to get blood work but that usually requires another trip to the clinic. For that, I'll need to fast about 12 hours before hand.

Last time I went to the doctor all was good - normal blood pressure, cholesterol excellent, blood work fine. No STDs. I always have him check me for the works including the "sex works" as I call it. Hey I'm a gay man. We're more suspectible to those things.

My doctor's office is in a small predominately white, Catholic, upper-class, straight New England town. In fact, he was surprised when I told him I was gay. Guess, he doesn't get my kind in his neck of the woods too often. He was completely cool with it though. In fact for a case study, he was interested in knowing when and how I knew I was gay. Does singing "Don't Rain On My Parade" at birth count? Rumor has it I was trying to use the umbilical cord as a microphone.

When it comes to anything medical, I like small and intimate - especially if they're going to be shoving things in places I don't normally allow.

My former doctor was in this huge medical facility. Seeing my old doctor was such an ordeal: You'd have to line up, get a number, take the elevator to his office, line up again, wait for an hour, proceed to the examining room, wait naked for another half hour and then have the nurse practioneer (nothing against nurses) come in for five minutes and then leave. I got tired of that real quick. Especially after he stopped sending in the cute ones.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the small town doctors, so much more personable. I still have my old doctor from when I was a kid, he was fresh out of med school back then and I really don't mind the 1/2 hour drive to his office. I have visited a few doctors at the city clinics, but they are just not the same, cold and too clinical for me.

DonnieJvilleNC said...

Good luck with the 40yo checkup, Rick. Make cure they change the oil and rotate the tires. LOL

I'm still seeing the same doctor from back in 1987. I like this much better than the myriad of Doctors, Corpsman, and Physician's Assistants everyone who goes to the Naval Hospital has to endure.

Rian said...

So, how was your checkup?

I used to hate doctors, but two years ago I found a new one and he's just cool. He's gay and I usually see him on pride parades or gay street fairs. Since I know him I'm not "afraid" of doctors anymore.

Anonymous said...

Is he not going to buy you dinner before giving you the old finger-roo? What kind of date is that?



Anonymous said...

and thanks for adding me to your links on the side :)

steve's Whirly World

Perhaps one day I will be able to post like a normal person again, and not have to use the anonymous button :)

Brett said...

Hey - it all starts with a finger Rick...