Thursday, December 14, 2006

Therapy Cafe: Into the Head of One Tired, Crazy and Horny Gay Man

Below are the streaming thoughts of a tired forty year old gay man. At 5:30 in the morning. And with not even a full cup of coffee in him. Beware!

Hmm, what to write about. Usually when I'm in this not-sure-what- to-write- about mood I just go with stream of consciousness which some might argue is the premise of my entire Blog. Oh well...I can do what I please. It's my Blog. Right Rick?


Gosh, I'm talking to myself. Isn't that a sign of lunacy? Oh Lord. I'll have to bring that up with my therapist.

Alright so stream of consciousness. Here goes...

What do I want to think about?

Well, duh...why don't I start with what I'm thinking about?

I don't know what I'm thinking about. My minds all mush. It's too early and the coffee hasn't kicked in.

The coffee! That's what I'm thinking about...I love my new little mug. My 'Life Is Good' mug. Oh and Will bought me a new mug too. Gave it to me last night. It's in the dishwasher. Even though it's new, one never knows how many people had their slimy hands all over it in the store. It should be sterilized first.


Hmm. Tastes a little different today. Maybe I didn't put enough grounds in. It's a little weak.


Just a tad.

Maybe I should cut down on coffee. My blood pressure was a little high yesterday when I went to the doctor. Nothing alarming. I wonder if too much coffee is the culprit. God, the joys of getting old. Next thing you know I'll have old man balls - hanging below my knees.

Holy sh*t! Where did that come from? Old man balls! Is this the crazy sh*t I think about all day?

Rambling thoughts...I'm probably boring the hell out of my readers. Oh well...this is my Blog right?

Yes, Rick. We've already established that.

Oh Lord. There I go again...talking...thinking rather...or holding a head conversation with myself. I definitely need to bring this up with my therapist.

Bandit's still sleeping. He looked so cute under the covers when I left him. Slept with me all night. But God, for a little guy he certainly knows how to hog up the bed. His little peg legs were digging into me all night. I should check for scratches. Hold on. Let me look. Is that scratch on my back from Bandit? No, that must be from other night when Will and I...never mind.

What else am I thinking about?

Of course you're thinking of sex. You're just an old horny goat.

Well regarding "hogging beds"...the other night Will said I was a bit of a bed hog. Guess I just like to stretch out. Bandit must take after me. Gosh if Will thinks I'm a bed hog with him, he should see how I sleep when I'm alone. I can take up a whole king by myself!

Speaking of my king...I miss's in storage. Although my bed here - that is the one in my sister's guest room - isn't bad. Squeaky though...thank God I've never had Will over for the night. We'd keep up the whole neighborhood with the way we...

Maybe I shouldn't have said...I mean thought that or rather well...wrote that.

Nah, I can't filter myself. It stifles the creativity. It's my Blog right?

There he goes again!


DonnieJvilleNC said...

I really like this kind of post, Rick. It gives us great insight into your "inner self". Yikes! ;)

Am I wrong in thinking this is your blog? *chin in hand...deep in thought*

Maddog said...

Nothing let's us see the real you like just typing what you think.