Thursday, January 11, 2007

Daddy's An Emotional Mess

Bandit here. I might be taking over for a little bit while Daddy gets his sh*t together. He's a bit of a basket case with the break up of... Never mind. Go figure -- he's such a drama queen.


Donnie said...

Well Bandit, I'm glad you're here writing for your Dad. I'm sure he'll be just fine once he takes some time for reflection.

Until then, we have your cute punim and cute observational stories to keep up company.

Spider said...

Bandit - tell Dad to take care of himself, take his time and we will be here when he gets back - and if he needs to talk to any of us, we are all here for him. If you get bored, give Hampton a call - she would love to hear from you!

steve'swhirlyworld said...'re a HOTTIE! Murphy would love to be your friend, but he's kinda busy chewing on his bone right now.

Please tell your daddy that it's okay to be a drama queen for a little while; he will come through all of this and is sure to find someone who REALLY loves him like you do.

Mikey said...

Hi Bandit...Take care of your Daddy and give him a lick from me!

Darwinist said... know how I feel about intentional ambiguity....I love you nonetheless....