Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dreamgirls: The Effie in Me

Last night I saw Dreamgirls. Jennifer Hudson's portrayal of Effie White just blew me away. From American Idol to big screen performer, she is definitely my idol.

In the audience I sat spellbound, hypnotized by her performance. The singing ...acting... she was just phenomenal. However, her version of And I Am Telling You is what really threw me into a trance. I've heard this song a million times. I've known it since the inception of the Jennifer Holliday version. However, I've never seen a performance of it - only listened to the soundtrack. I've never really understood the context in which it was sung.

Last night, I had tears rolling down my face. And these tears were not just tears that you'd blink away. No, these tears were much deeper. Had I not had just one glimmer of self-control left, I would have begun to convulse into uncontrollable, extremely audible, embarrassing sobs replete with disgusting snorting sounds, flowing nose and red, swollen eyes. I was on the verge. My bottom lip was quivering. Her performance was that powerful.

How I found this performance to be so moving was the desperation she displayed in her want for a man that had already made up his mind he was leaving. With me, her hopelessly clinging to the man she loves struck a deep chord within me.
Please stay and hold me mister man
Try it mister
Try it mister
I know I know I know you can
She was literally trying to put his arms back around her, to bring back the love that they once had. After he walks out on her, the song builds and spot light center stage she cries the lyrics...
And I am telling you
I'm not going.
You're the best man I'll ever know.
There's no way I can ever, ever go
Yet he's gone, walking away from her. Effie doesn't want to leave.
No, no, no, no way,
No, no, no, no way I'm livin' without you.
Oh, I'm not livin' without you,
I'm not livin' without you.
I don't wanna be free.
I'm stayin',
I'm stayin'
Effie's wanting to stay, clinging onto something whose decision wasn't really up to her was what struck me. How can you stay when the other party has left you? There was nothing left in which to stay for yet she refuses to believe it and hopelessly hangs on. Talk about empathize, I found the Effie in me. I think that's when my lip started quivering.
Tear down the mountains,
Yell, scream and shout.
You can say what you want,
I'm not walkin' out.
Stop all the rivers,
Push, strike, and kill.
I'm not gonna leave you,
There's no way I will.
Sometimes love is so powerful. We'll do whatever it takes to hold on.

Love me!
You're gonna love me!


Anonymous said...

That song was beautiful and moving. I to found myself finally understaning that true love was right next to me eating popcorn and sharing a diet coke. Sometimes the things were looking for are right infront of your eyes. Thank you for a date i will never forget. Love Will

Joshua said...

I keep hearing about this movie - and it's on my list!!!! Thanks for posting it over on GMR, also. So glad you joined us. I know it was easier for you since it isn't on old blogger, anymore. Maybe I'll go see it this weekend! It's only 10:30 - and I could catch the matinee :)

David said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie in the next couple of weeks when it opens here. Just came across your blog and love it, have added it my regular reads!

Maddog said...

I too have known that song for years. I had even seen it performed on TV. But seeing it in context, changes it altogether. It was incredibly moving.