Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Could Have Been the Housewife of a New York Times Best Selling Author

Last night I watched a bit of American Idol. It was the New York auditions. I'm not overly enthused about this season. Last year, every Tuesday and Wednesday you'd catch me camped out in front of the television. I wouldn't miss an episode, especially because of the Ryan Seacrest hang up that I was going through (I think I'm over him). Now that I don't readily have access to my own television (I can watch my sister's in the living room but rarely do), I find I watch less and less television. I'm better off.

I've been reading a lot of Augusten Burroughs. Not sure if you know of him but he wrote "Running with Scissors", "Magical Thinking" and "Dry". I love his style of writing very witty, campy, gay and honest. He writes, sort of like in blog fashion, that is journal-esque; although, "Running with Scissors" is more of a story but supposedly true. In fact, it was made into a movie starring Annette Bening of which she received a Golden Globe nomination. The odd part of all of this is that I dated Augusten Burroughs when I was at NYU. This was long before he was famous or even published for that matter. Over Christmas break, I happened to pick up "Magical Thinking". I had seen it on Torch's coffee table many times but never bothered to flip it over to see a picture of the author (I didn't recognize the name). This time, at the bookstore, looking at the picture on the back cover, I recognized him. I immediately bought it as I had to see if one of the NYU students he talked about dating was me. Fortunately, it wasn't but I haven't read all of his stuff. Interesting the characters that come into our lives.

I remember us going out to dinner in the Village. He talked about how he got into copywriting (advertising) as he had a career writing television commercials of which, he writes about in his memoirs. He grew up in Massachusetts even lived in Marblehead for a bit. We had the North Shore in common. Obviously it never went anywhere. He stopped returning my phone calls. Oh well.

So would I want to have been the housewife of Augusten Burroughs? Nah! I'd rather be the New York Times Best Selling author.


Donnie said...

WOW! That is SO cool, Rick! I love Augusten's books and have all of them. I devour them as soon as they're published. I do the same with David Sedaris.

I can't wait to see "Running With Scissors" when it comes out on DVD!

Albert said...

Not much into American Idol either this year. As for the housewife thing...why not the housepartner?