Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bandit Talks: My Dad the Bitch...I Mean Butch

Bandit here! Dad's got a cold so he asked me to write today. Goody, goody, goody! I'm so excited to have control of my Dad's blog. Woo hoo!

Oh, hold on...I got to get Dad his AirBorne. Yes, he's still taking the stuff even though his cold has progressed and he sounds more like a cheering lesbian at a Pats game than himself. Yet even without the cold, he can butch it up. You should see him heading out in his work boots and jeans. Rumor has it he turns heads at the club.

Okey dokey. Back at the keyboard. Gave Butchy Boy his AirBorne. Man... ad8w833##... they certainly... 28nasd0837... don't make these keyboards... yu7237nvbh... for paws.

Speaking of which, Daddy tells me he's thinking about getting a new laptop. He's had this one since 2002. It's seen better days. Remember last year when the screen kept flickering out. Well, after Best Buy reseating the "card" (whatever that means) it's back to flicking out. Also, the "x" button is broken. The little touchpad that sits above it wiggles loose and falls off. Obviously the letter "x" has gotten too much use. Must be all Dad's blog entries bitching about my Other Dad (X).

Actually, I wish he wouldn't talk about him in front of me like that. After all, I do still love my Other Dad despite him being mean to Rick. Anyway, I won't get into that. I don't want to pick sides. That's a blog entry for another day.

The other problem with Dad's laptop is that the battery doesn't stay charged anymore. He's replaced it a couple of times but they don't seem to last. Now all of a sudden, within the last week, the power cord when moved from location to location doesn't work either. He has to finagle the cord, jiggering it in the socket, keep flipping it around in order to get the little green light to stay on indicating that it's powering the laptop. You should hear him swear when he can't get it to go on. I tell him, "why don't you dust the cob webs off the old bank account, break down, go to Best Buy and spend some money on a new Windows Vista computer?"

No, he'll sit around jiggering cords and taping buttons to the keyboard until he HAS to get a new one. You should have seen what I had to do to convince him to get rid of this thing.

Anyway, so my Butch Dad is doing better. He just blew his nose. Man is he loud! That honking nose of his has some power. Reminds me of the time he was flying into Logan and his sinuses flared up as the plane descended. His nose let out a loud whistle that scared the passenger beside him. She thought the plane was destabilizing or something. "It's just my nose whistling Dixie. It's happy to be landing." He told her.

Have no fear, Rick's nose is clear.


Spider said...

Hey Bandit! It's Hampton - isn't it a pain when they are sick - they get whiny and clingy - they want all that special attention and they want us to get close to them so they can love on us - what is up with that - I don't what his old germs!

Take care of him - afterall, the ARE the ones that feed us!

Donnie said...

Hey Bandit! Glad to have you back to blogging. Make sure to take good care of your Dad. Lots of love and nuzzles...that'll make him better in no time. :D