Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Having Fun

Well, I got up early this morning...4:30. I went to bed around 9:30. I don't usually get much more than 6 or 7 hours sleep at a time. That's usually good enough for me. Although, I sometimes have to take a twenty minute nap in the afternoon (in my car at lunch). This past weekend, I got a lot of sleep. Was a very relaxing weekend. Did I mention how much fun I had?

On the not so fun front, last night Bandit had a bad dream. Around midnight I heard this loud pitchy sound coming from his crate. At first I didn't know what it was. It sounded like the hissing of a steam pipe. "But we have base board heating," I groggily said. Then I realized it was Bandit whimpering in his sleep. "Bandit! It's okay. Daddy's over here." He stopped. Then I fell back to sleep. He was probably dreaming about living back in our old drafty house without the comfort food he now gets from my sister and brother-in-law. God, I think he's gained about five pounds! Or maybe he was dreaming about walking the beach and me not letting him go after the 150-lb. Doberman. Or just being ignored when he gives those sad puppy dog eyes while you're eating.

Anyway, this is turning into one of those Rambling blog entries without any purpose...then again isn't that the purpose of my purpose. Oy! I need another cup of coffee. Hey wait a minute. I have a purpose. I'm a man with a vision here! (Just somebody please tell me what it is.)

So anyway, things with me have been going rather well as of late. I've been very busy at work and personally have been having fun. (Details suppressed.) Have I mentioned how much fun I've been having?

In contrast to last year...

Last year at this time I was in the midst of selling my house, getting over both Torch and X and preparing for a life on my own. Now, I'm on my own (well, who's counting the crutch I have living with my sister and brother-in-law) and thinking (that is only thinking) about buying my own place. When I moved here last June/July I imagined I'd be out no later than the fall. Now we're approaching spring and I've yet to even call a realtor or visit any Open Houses (well, maybe one or two last year). I guess I just sort of take things a couple months at a time.

The current plan is to probably stay here till late spring and then reevaluate my life. Where am I going? I know I want to stick around the general area -- ain't moving to California or anything, unless Hollywood suddenly calls my name. It's just where in the Boston area to settle? I've talked about the small beach town about 10 miles from here. But I don't know. It's expensive; the commute would stink and I'd have to put Bandit in day care. There's always the North Shore (where I'm at) which is probably more likely.

Yet regardless of the locale there are other, more important factors: Do I want to live alone? Do I even want to buy? Or maybe just rent for a bit. Do I buy big for growth? Downsize? What about all my furniture and books? I can't very well fit myself (let alone someone else, if that be the case) into a one or even two bedroom. Then there's the money...I like not having a mortgage and expensive housing costs. Do I buy a multi-family and create some additional income?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Payday!

What do I want? Actually, I know what I want! I know what I want to do and [CENSORED] with...[CENSORED]!

I'm just not ready to reveal it...

to myself.


Spider said...

Well... we are here whenever you are ready to share...

Anonymous said...

Rick, Sounds like you have a goal and a vision in store for your future. Go after what you want and live your dreams. Life is to short to sit on the sidelines. I have a purpose and a vision and I am moving forward to achieve that goal. I hope that 2007 is my year for the true expression of me. Here is to the future for both of us. Will

Donnie said...

Awww.....poor Bandit. I hope everything is better now.

It sounds like you've got many options available. Good luck with your'll do well no matter what. ;)

Bruce said...


Rick, define the house, the environment, the life that you want for yourself, and then find the partner to fit. Don't place on any new relationship the responsibility of having ordered your life around it. That's too much for any budding romance to handle.

If you find the man of your dreams, he's not going to run away because your living situation is inconvienient. He is more likely to run away if you make him feel responsible for life choices that you wouldn't have otherwise made.

Anonymous said...

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