Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Garden

Something I whipped up...

Since you've left, I've let the garden grow.
It's burst into color without you.
I've done everything on my own.
And stopped asking myself,
"where did I go wrong?"

No more holding your hand,
When the movie gets scary.
I've learnt to scream alone.

My former lover goodbye...
I'm now on my own.
I don't need you any more

As I lie here, as I just lie here
You're no longer with me
No longer near me
I'll soon forget about our dreams...
The plans that we had made.

I let the garden grow...
I forget what you told me
Was it forever?
Or was it just too much work?
All I ever was was everything about you.
Now as I just lie here...alone
And let the garden grow

I forget what I was told,
Something 'bout growing old
Your hand in mine...
To journey through life
You went on, I stayed home.

You just couldn't wear my ring.

Rick Bettencourt (c) 2007


Spider said...

Really beautiful Rick - sure sounds like you are ready to move forward!

Donnie said...

It's a lovely poem, Rick. What beautiful imagery. :)