Friday, February 02, 2007

Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water

"Don't throw the baby out with the bath water." Have you ever heard of this saying? At work, I use it quite often. When the water's cold or needs changing make sure you take the baby out of the tub before you dump the water. I'm not sure why but I woke up this morning with this thought in my head. Maybe because I ran across this picture on the Internet the other day.

Another smattering of rambling thoughts...

Next week, a friend of mine is going to Acapulco. I'll be watching his house, feeding his fish and watering the plants. I got his house key last night but I neglected to ask how often to feed the fish or when to water the plants. I'll have to call him today. Acapulco! I'm so jealous. Nice warm beaches, sun. Here we're supposed to get some snow today; although they said that the other day and we got nothing.

Thank you all for chiming in on yesterday's post. I certainly didn't mean to lay down a heavy. Sometimes I'm a little too intense. Oh, well...that's me! As for "anonymous", I think what he was trying to say is that by being involved, one becomes more self-less. True. I guess he thinks I'm a self-centered narsicist. As for my motives, I make no apologies. While, of course, involving oneself with charitable activities is noble and worth while, I don't think it's a substitute for dealing with emotions. Unless of course you're the type that likes to suppress.

Next week, at work, I'll be going through a major transition. I'll be moving on up a couple floors - working in a different location. I'm excited about the change. It will be "balls to the wall" for a bit as a I immerse myself into the department but that's how I learn. Dive right in!


Spider said...

Good luck next week... I am sure you will just shine!

digital t-square said...

Congrats on the move! Change is nice once in a while. Just don't throw your balls out with the bath water.

Donnie said...

"Movin' on the East Side"

Good luck at work, Rick! :)