Monday, March 12, 2007

A Beautiful Ending

The waves crest and crash against the shore. Bandit and I run in parallel as the sound of the ocean's roar fills our ears. The warm breeze with its salty fragrance percolates into our hair. Again, another crash of a wave as I chase after Bandit.

In the distance, a man calls Bandit's name. Bandit picks up speed and races toward him. The man gets down on his haunches and motions for acceptance. Bandit reaches him and circles about motioning for play. His tail shimmies with excitement. I catch up to them at which point the man stands, looks me in the eyes and kisses me. He grabs my hand and we walk in the direction I was heading...our direction. A waves crests over our bare feet. The ocean's thunder is like a symphony to my lyrics: "Christopher, I love you."

He looks at me, feeling weeps from his eyes. "I love you too Rick. Love you too..."

As the sun begins it descent, I pull him ankle deep into the water and we dance to a song in our heads.
Didn't know I could feel like this;
Like I have a new found hope for tomorrow.
Come next to my love,
And feel my heart soar.

As we dance forever...throughout eternity's end.

Bandit yelps and breaks us from our trance. And once again, the three of us race along the shore leaving only footprints behind.


Donnie said...

Rick, that's a lovely photo and post. It made me smile...thank you. :)

Maximus Leo said...

Smile indeed! Wow - lovely post!

Albert said...

now I am soooooo jealous! (well said BTW)

Charles said...

That is awesome! Thanks!

savante said...

That's great for ya!

mykiru_cu said...

haha yeah i agree

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