Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol 2007: Anything Exciting?

I watched American Idol last night. I haven't posted much about AI this season for I've hardly watched it. Last year, in my cocoon of loneliness, I wouldn't miss a show. Remember reading about all the fun? Bandit and I were glued to the television every Tuesday and Wednesday. Once Taylor Hicks gyrated us through the close of last season, I didn't know what to do with myself. This year I could care less. However, I did, as I mentioned, catch a peek last night. I like Jordin Sparks. No one else has really caught my attention.

Last week I was glad to see Sanjaya pirouette out in tears. Also, I'm not too fond of Blake. I was half expecting him to burst into a beat box while crooning John Lennon's Imagine. That would have been delightful...not! Goody-two-shoes Melinda weirds me out. That smile! Please stop! And while Mr. Baldy, Phil Stacey, can sing he scares me. I can't quite get past the fact that he looks like a vampire. Once booted he'll be cast in a remake of Nosferatu.

Phil Stacey as Nosferatu:
"I vaw-nt to suck your blood."

So Jordin it is. I didn't recognize the song she sang last night but it didn't matter. She was good. I guess now I'll have to tune in to see if she makes it.

And so the saga continues for American Idol 2007.

Jordin Sparks: Queen of AI 2007?

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Donnie said...

You and your crazy AI. *shaked head*

Now....Heroes.....that's a great show! ;)