Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daniel Kucan's New Homo-Erotic Movie

While I was away I got an e-mail from a friend of Daniel Kucan, one of the designers on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Brooks, a guy, is promoting his film Schooled, of which Daniel Kucan has the lead role. Apparently the movie has been cited by some as a "homo-erotic feast for the senses." However, Brooks insists that Daniel is not gay:
Yes, that was Daniel that wrote you that response.
No, he's not gay. I've known him since college
and I've known all his girlfriends and I even know
his parents. And he's not in the closet either
because nobody in his social circle would care one way
or the other if he was gay. In fact, I know for sure they'd
get a good kick out of it and love him just the same.
Maybe more. He just happens to do certain non-sexual things
that some gay guys tend to do.
If any of you are in the LA area and care to see a free screening, you can checkout the film's web site for more information. It looks interesting.


Donnie said...

I sometimes watch EM:HE, but I can't (for the life of me) recognize Daniel Kucan.

Anonymous said...

Is it really possible that that's the man who played Jack McNeil in Tiberian Sun?

Anonymous said...

Unfortch the film isn't homo-erotic at all... lots of hetero makeout scenes.

Patricia Emmett said...

I directed this great guy in a city wide production of A Chorus Line in the late 1980's. Daniel was in high school in Las Vegas at that time. He was NOT gay very much a "ladies man". At the same time he was one of the few daring enough not to be "homo-phob" when people were at the peak of the "aids fears and nonsense". Several of the other guys in the show were gay and were constantly "throwing themselves in his way" either verbally and some even physically! Yet, Daniel was never cruel or verbally abusive to anyone, he is just as you see, handsome, kind both inside and out.
He deserves every accolade and opportunity to be recognized and respected as a fine actor and person.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Daniel played Jake McNeil in TSun. His brother is Joe Kucan, who directed all the Command & Conquer games and rose to stardom as the first video game celebrity for playing Kane, the arch villain of the Command & Conquer series. There are some rumours that Daniel is in EVERY one of the games, in some form or another. I know in the first one, he is in the intro, playing a soap opera actor... I've heard that he is in the most recent one, as a NOD reporter.