Monday, April 30, 2007

A Decrepit Little Update

It's Monday. What a busy first week back from vacation it has been.

As you know, I got back from Florida on April 21st and since then I haven't had much opportunity for down time. Plus, in Florida, I got a cold which I'm still not quite able to shake and also pulled my back out which is finally getting better. What a decrepit old man of a mess I am! Anyway, you don't want to hear about my ailments.

Last week I got a call from the apartment complex in which we are scheduled to move into: There's been a building delay and the unit we wanted will not be ready now till the end of July. Frustrated and not wanting to wait another month, as we were scheduled for the end of June, we spent most of yesterday with an apartment broker touring other facilities in and around the area. After seeing four or so different complexes, we decided that we still like the one we're scheduled to move into the most. In that complex, there's another building (it has 18 buildings) that will be ready mid-June. I'm going to call her today and have her move our slot over to that one instead of the one we first planned on. We drove by the building yesterday and walked around the construction site. We actually liked it better than the original. It just won't have dark wood cabinetry...big deal! It's only an apartment -- not like we're buying it! Sometimes I get too picky.

What else? Bandit's doing well. He had a bit of a urinary tract infection before I left for Florida. But after a round of antibiotics and another check up ($$$) with the vet he's doing better. He says hello.

Over and out...


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Donnie said...

Glad to read your back is feeling better. Watch that "cold" actually might be springtime allergies.

That's cool that you guys managed to find a better apartment in the same complex.

Glad to read Bandit is feeling better too.

Have a great week, Rick.