Monday, May 21, 2007

Bandit and Rick Get Cut

Took Bandit for a walk by the beach yesterday. Interestingly, I got a peculiar e-mail that made me do it. Hmmm. It was pouring! I was over at Rob's and at first figured it was just drizzly enough not to be a problem but wouldn't you know as we're about a half-mile from the house the sky opened up.

I'm tired of the sh!tty weather. It's been rainy and yucky for about a week or two. However, I think today it's going to clear up and for most of the week be sunny and in the 60s or 70s. Thank the Lord!

Lot going on this week but most importantly... Phyllis is coming out! Well, actually she "came out" years ago but let's save that for a different day. She'll be in town this weekend. We can get together and party. That'll be fun. Maybe check out some of our old stomping grounds. We'll do breakfast and laugh up a storm about different characters of which our far too creative minds go rampant. Somebody should pays us to sit in a room and create a sitcom. Holy sh!t...the things we come up with. Last night I was literally crying in hysterics over an idea we had about an Irish nun. Oh my God I couldn't breath. Funny, the night before at 1:00 am I was crying to her but not about Irish nuns. I wish I had been!

"Jesus Christ! Would you get the fuck
out of me way you shaggin' bitch!"

Oh no...I'm not going to heaven after that one!

Oh Bandit finally got his haircut on Saturday. He looks so adorable. I always forget how shaggy he gets until after I see him cut. When I picked him up he was like a freed prisoner coming out his crate. He came running out all excited to be going home, either that or he had to pee really bad. $56! Gosh, that's expensive. If you recall, he was supposed to go there on Thursday but his groomer's Mom took ill and she had to cancel.

Oh and I got my haircut too. Nice and short for the summer. Mine was only $25. I guess I don't have as much hair. Plus she doesn't have to shave my privates. I do that on my own. : )

Over and out...just a little quick update.


P.S. Bandit says hi!


Donnie said...

WOO HOO! Congrats on the cuts. Now we need a pic of you two sporting the new 'do's. ;)

Anonymous said...


Nice blog today. You gave me quite a chuckle with the nun part. OH an by the way your going to hell, but I'll join you. Me xoxoxo

cb said...

Always liked the name bandit-- ever since Jonny Quest.

Oh- and I live in Durham.

Charles said...

I'm sure the new cuts look awesome.