Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Breaking into Daddy's Outlook

Bandit here...Daddy's running late and unable to write today so I figured I'd take over his laptop.

Don't tell him but I just broke into his Outlook calendar.

Oh no! Looks like I'm getting groomed tomorrow. Great. I hate going there. It's so cruel to hitch me up to that little post on the table, then shear my fur, followed by a dip in a tub full of milk and finished up with a fluff under the dryer. I knew this was coming! Knew it! Why me?

What else is here? Hmmm...interesting. The Volvo payment hasn't gone out yet. Dad how do you expect us to get around without wheels?

Meeting with vice-president on: Blah...boring!

Requirements for project 673
: Who cares!

Lunch with Sandy on new project
: Work, work, work...

What's this? Oh personal e-mail. Oh from... Oh my goodness! They did what?!?! Wow...what's all this xoxoxo stuff mean? Ugh, must be mushy love stuff. Yuck!

Oh here's one from my favorite Uncle Bob. He's in Nantucket. Daddy's apartment sitting. Looks like we might be going over to the apartment tonight. Maybe I'll get a walk on the beach. Woo hoo!

What else is here? Actually not much. More work! Yuck! What a boring father I have.

Let me create some spice here. Open a new e-mail and send him something to get his panties in a knot:

Dear Rick,
This is your secret admirer. I've been watching you. I like the way you walk your dog on the beach. You should do that more often. You look so handsome strutting down the causeway with that adorable, lovely, fantastic little Cairn Terrier of yours. He's really a man magnet.

With Fondness,
A Big Buff Guy

That oughta get him curious. Hehehehe...

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Donnie said...

LMAO! Awww....what a cute post, Bandit. Try to have a good time at the groomers (I know it's hard to contemplate). Just remember that you can always roll around in garbage afterwards if you feel "too clean".