Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Melancholy Friday Afternoon

Yesterday I took the afternoon off. I had too much going on (in my head). After a insightful therapy appointment, I found myself staring out the window of a Starbuck's in town and jotting this down:
The rain spatters against the window as I follow the path of one little trickle. I watch it cut a line through the window's foggy film. There's been many drops before it; I take in the traces of their evidence. I look past the mosaic of nature's fury and out onto the highway. The cars zip by and in their wake cast clouds of mist causing their neighbors' wipers to work overtime.

My mood is down - consistent with the drearier weather upon us. I want to be above it all -above the storm and high above the clouds where the sky is blue and sun is shining.

I'm tired of his inconsistencies. Do I have the emotional and physical energy to persevere?

Don't worry. After writing that I didn't check myself into the local psychiatric center. Instead I downed my cup of black Joe and immersed myself into my work. I had a week's worth of meeting notes to review. And several other things to catch up on. I find a cafe a good place to think and get things done.

Later I wound up winding my way home through the back streets. Traffic was unbearable. I stopped off at the Volvo dealer -- for I had slow leak in my tire. Another nail! Luckily this was just a plug job for $29.85 versus last summer's brand new $150 tire.

I then fed Bandit and headed over to Border's to search for the meaning of life. Followed by a trip over to Rob's to check on his apartment. I then met up with a friend for a beer and a light dinner.

Lights out at 10 and this morning up at 8:00, which is late for me! All and all I slept good and without the aid of Tylenol PM.


digital t-square said...

I think that Volvos are nail magnets! I've been to the neighborhood tire shop a number of times. Luckily they only charge $10 for a patch. But last month I ran over a metal rod and punctured the inside wall of a tire. They couldn't repair the damage. I had to end up buying four new tires. Stinkin' all-wheel-drive!

Donnie said...

Sorry to hear about the nail.

That was a great little piece of writing, Rick. I enjoyed it.