Friday, May 11, 2007

Something to Think About

Slept good last night. Nonetheless aided by two Tylenol PM. I hadn't been sleeping well this past week...lot of crap on my mind. I wish I was one of those types that could just go to bed and say "okay, I'm done...think about nothing right now." I try but the next thing you know I'm trying to solve the puzzle of life in my head. Sometimes I actually make good head way: I'll wake up in the morning with some of the best ideas...sometimes some pretty stupid ones too. Anyway, I'm rested and doing well.

What else? What other boring, mundane and intimate things can I share with you? Oh, Bandit!

Bandit has me concerned. Again! A month or two ago, he had blood in his urine. The vet checked it out, put him on antibiotics and it went away. Then last night we went for a long walk through the cemetery, out and around through the woods and back and wouldn't you know, once again, I noticed his urine a dark brown-reddish color. I called the vet from my cell phone and left a message on the machine. I don't know what would be causing it. I hope it's not anything serious. Last year around this time, the same thing happened -- antibiotics seemed to clear it up.

Great...another thing to keep me up at night.

He acts fine. He's still his rambunctious, vivacious, loud self and doesn't seem to be in any pain when urinating or at any other time. It was mentioned that he might have stones but wouldn't he be in pain? Then again how does a dog tell you that it hurts to pee?

Anyway, enough of my problems. I could write a book. Then again...that's not a bad idea: Memoirs of the Gaily Divorced.


Anonymous said...

yup, a few of us do all our good thinking in bed. bad place for it I know, but that ceiling just inspires me....

Rodrigo said...

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Countess Bedelia said...

Where did you find that Tylenol ad? It's fantastic!

I haven't written to you lately but I was very happy to hear that you will be getting a new apartment with the boyfriend. Congratulations! I want an invite to the housewarming!!

Hope Bandit is Ok. My little darling used to have some issues like this but everything cleared up with the right medicine. Keep us posted.

Donnie said...

I hate it when I can "turn off my brain" when I'm trying to get to sleep. Luckily, it doesn't happen often.

I'm sorry to hear about Bandit. Maybe he has the doggie version of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). I had it a couple of years ago.

Charles said...

Hope Bandit okay, and that it is just a simple infection.