Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big Balls or Small?

My computer’s AC adapter died this morning. So I’m using my sister’s PC to type up today’s blog entry. The plug has been on the fritz for about six months. Yet have I bought a new one? No. Well actually I did find one on eBay. I won the auction but the guy has never gotten back in touch with me regarding final cost with shipping etc. It’s been three weeks now. Geez! I went to Best Buy a couple weeks back and they wanted $135 for a universal AC adapter. At that price I could put a good chunk toward a new laptop! I’m going to do a little more comparison shopping today. Maybe Wal-Mart sells cheaper universal adapters. If not I’ll have to break down and get one. Even if I get a new laptop I’ll still need a replacement AC adapter to get my files off my old laptop.

I like my clunky old laptop. I’ve had it since 2001. I’ve gotten some good use out of it. But it is on its last legs: the battery no longer works (hence the continual need for the AC adapter), the ‘x’ key fell off and the screen flickers off every once in awhile but if you give it a good smack it turns back on. Maybe I’m being too cheap. Me? Never!

There’s a used computer parts place in town maybe I’ll swing by at lunch and see if they have any replacement parts. Otherwise I’ll have to bite the bullet and get a Dell (or something equivalent).

Yesterday’s Seven Habits class was fantastic! I got so much out of it. I can’t wait to start delving more into it. I only read the intro and the 1st Habit, as I had to present on it. Hearing other’s present their Habits, I’m anxious to read up more on the rest of them. A group of us might start a little 7 Habits book club.

Bandit’s outside. We had a scare the other day. A couple days ago I noticed that his leash was a bit frayed and made a mental note to pick up a new one next time I was at Petco. Well, I had him outside, tied on his leash, and all of a sudden I heard a bark that sounded strangely like Bandit's yet it wasn’t coming from the backyard. It was coming from the front, by the busy street. I immediately jumped up went outside and sure enough there was his broken leash. I ran around to the front and some lady and her husband were out jogging. “Is that your dog? Thank God! We could see that his leash broke and didn’t want him going into the street.” As soon as I called his name he went running back into the backyard and up the steps to go back in the house. He's such a good boy. Close call!

What else is new?

Oh, I went bowling yesterday! Had a blast! We had an outing at work. We did candlepin bowling. Candlepin bowling is primarily a New England sport. Most areas have big ball bowling. Well, for those of you not familiar, candlepin bowling has smaller balls and thinner pins. It's still a lot of fun.

Well, I should head into work early and get a jump on things. Over and out…


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Donnie said...

Whew! Glad to hear Bandit didn't get hurt, or lost.

I've never been candlepin bowling, just regular bowling. I've always wondered if the lanes were narrower and shorter, or the same as regular bowling?