Thursday, June 14, 2007

Farther or Father?

Well I broke down, went to Best Buy and spent $83 for a new AC adapter for my laptop. While I was there a asked the guy about a couple of laptops. He steered me into the direction of a Toshiba and then another Compaq but he could sense my hesitation: "I'm spending $85 for a plug and now you want me to shell out another $700+ for a laptop?" Hey laughed at me and I thanked him for the advice but we both knew that in the end I'll eventually need to break down and get one. He did tell me with the new Windows' Vista operating system a lot of old programs don't work on it. It's not necessarily the price of the laptop that's so expensive it's the buying of the new software to be compatible with it. I use all MS Office products so I'd need to get Office 2007 Professional which runs around $400-500. Then there's my checking account software (MS Money). That's not all that expensive but still more upgrades to go through. And then there's my wireless network. It's a piece of crap! I can't go more than 15 feet away from my router without getting a signal. I don't know if I'd have to replace that too. I didn't get into that with him I was too overwhelmed by shelling out $83. Anyway, so that's the joys of Rick's computer system.

I talked to an old friend last night. I literally haven't talked to him in almost a year. No, wait a minute, I think we saw each other last fall for about two minutes. Anyway, It was good to hear from him. I called him out of the blue. He's good friends with a couple I know that has recently broken up. As I was walking by their old house, I thought of him so gave him a buzz. He's doing well. I miss him.

Also talked to Rob last night. He's down on the cape working for the summer. He's bored and depressed. "Lonely and everything in between," as he says. Bandit bought him a card. I've got to mail it out today but need to get stamps. I never have stamps anymore now that I do on-line bill pay.

As for me, I'm hanging in there. I got a father's day card yesterday for being "fatherly-like" over the past few months to someone special. It brought tears to my eyes. And I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful...Then I had a glass of wine and thought otherwise. No, it was very touching.


digital t-square said...

The last PC laptop I bought was a Toshiba. It's still running strong, 4 years later. I didn't have very good luck with either Sony (VAIO) or IBM (Thinkpad) in the past. I'm exclusively Apple now.

Donnie said...

Good luck if/when you get a new laptop. I love my Sony VAIO. I hear the Toshiba's are real workhorses.