Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Lunacy of Charlie Brown

I don't really know what to write today. So I guess this will wind up being one of those random musings. The type that only a few read. Well now wait a minute... isn't that my entire blog: There's probably about a handful that I know about that really read my blog word-for-word on a daily basis. And to both of you I say...

[Queue theatrical music.]

Lights, models, guest list...let's do our best darling!

It's 5:48 am. I'm sitting in the dining room of my sister's house wearing a Charlie Brown t-shirt, in celebration of a Christmas gone by, and a pair of gym shorts. My black already-gone-cold coffee sits in front of me as I hear the cars from the busy street passing by. I think to the day ahead, no major meetings just a one-on-one review with a Developer so that I can fill him in on a couple of project meetings that he missed. Maybe I'll actually get some actual work done today.

Alright that's a pretty boring opening paragraph. What a let down from such a thunderous beginning: lights, camera, guest list and all.

Okay, I'll spice it up a little...

Despite the thundering of my breaking-down air conditioner, last night I slept well. Somehow I was able to block out the chomping of the compressor, or maybe it didn't kick in so much because of the humidity outside; it was constantly on. It seems when it reaches a certain temperature, settles down and then later kicks back up that's when the craziness starts. It'll be all nice and quiet making it's cool blowing whir then all of a sudden: SLAM, DA-DA-DA-DA, Nahhhhhh Nahhhhh! Not a very comforting sound, especially after a busy day. Talk about your nerves being shot.

You call that "spicing it up?"

Oh God, I'm so boring! You're right. Who in the hell wants to read about my Charlie Brown t-shirt and a broken-down air conditioner? God, I'm pathetic.

Wait a minute...let me take that back. It's not good to beat myself up. I'm not pathetic. I'm just trying to exercise my writing skills. God, it's not even six in the morning. Cut me some slack!

Writing skills? You call this writing? Go ahead and beat yourself up. You're so good at it. It's what we want to hear.

I don't know. I guess I just don't have an awful lot to say today. And I don't want to beat myself up!

That's a first!

I could go on about my meeting with June last night, how I bumped into Torch and the jam-packed schedule I had yesterday but why? Why bother? I'm not saying this from a negative perspective. Just that...well...I don't know. I guess I really have nothing to share. Yesterday was a good day. Let's just leave it at that.

Please do. And spare us all the melodrama and narcissism.

Gosh, am I sounding like a lunatic?

Uh, sounding?

Well, at least lunacy is not so boring.

Just attracted to guys...


V said...

"A whole row of skeletons with Jackie O hairdoos!"

- Pat.

Donnie said...

Ah Rick, you never cease to make me smile. I enjoy these rambling, chaotic posts. They're good to clear out the cobwebs. You're a good man, Charlie Brown..... ;)

Kevin said...

Happiness is ...

... reading a friend's blogpost.