Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Making Money?

Yesterday, GE's stock went through the roof - nice for my portfolio. Hopefully it will keep an upward trend. GE Energy (one of GE's many businesses) is buying gas company, Regency Energy. Also helping the share price were several new plane orders for GE Aviation. The market is so fluky though. Today the share price could cycle down in a big sell off. Who knows? I sold some of GE when it crested at $33 now it's pushing $40. I should have held on. This time, I think I'll ride it out.

GE's such a good investment. They're so big; they're almost like a mutual fund in and of themselves.

Me and a friend from work would play this game: After a surge in stock like GE, we knew the share price would eventually settle back down so we'd sell X number of shares at the high and then move the cash into a money market account. The money market would make a tiny bit of interest while we waited a week or two or sometimes even a couple of months for the share price to move back down. At that point we would then take all that money market cash and buy back the same stock but this time because the price was now lower, instead of just having X shares we originally had we now had X+more; more shares of which to ride the next wave. I made a decent profit on this a few times but the last time I was burnt. Like I said, I sold at $33 and it never went back down. Oh well that's the price you pay. Instead I moved the money into an international mutual fund, which is actually doing quite well.

So what's on the agenda. Actually, this week is very busy. I have two critical projects I'm trying to wrap up. Both are high priority so I'm trying to evenly divide my time between the two but they're finally getting some closure. I went in this past weekend to work on one so I'd have enough time during the work week to do the other. It'll be nice to finally hand them off to development.

Let's see on the personal front, tonight I'm meeting with June. You remember her, Torch's best friend. I'm afraid she's going to give me the riot act for doing something I probably shouldn't have. Oh's all in the name of love. No, I'm not talking about Torch! Please! I'm being cryptic here but let's just say we do the silliest things in the name of love. There's logic and then there's emotion. Sometimes they don't mix well together. When do you go with your head and when do you go with your heart? If I knew the answer to that I'd be God. Maybe it won't be so bad. I just want to make the right decisions in life.

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Donnie said...

All this money talk makes my head hurt. Now I need to go look at something pretty (like Josh Duhamel).