Monday, September 17, 2007

Let the Fantasies Begin

I don't like to live by horoscopes but I check it out nearly everyday. Today's...
"If you become annoyed, it could turn into a temper tantrum today, especially if you are overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness or isolation. You might think that moving closer to someone is a likely solution to your dilemma, only to discover that the other person isn't as accessible as you wish. Find a channel of expression for your physical energies, even if it doesn't involve a partner. Consider participating in a team sport or some other competitive activity."
Hello Tom Brady! I'll "participate" with him. How come I never get him in my fantasy league?


Greg said...

Now, wouldn't that make for an interesting birthday present.... With or without the football gear, makes no difference to me!

Lemuel said...

Well, we know Tommy Boy's got what it takes! I'd have his baby any day, too.