Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who is Underdog's Groomer?

Ho hum...Bandit here.

Daddy is resting. Too tired and busy to blog. So on a suggestion from Will and finally getting the secret decoder onto Daddy's laptop, I am here. In the words of one of my colleagues, "have no fear... Underdog is here!"

For fear of being locked into my crate, I won't go into what is going on with my Dad, all this fanfare about 'construction' and building a new life. What the #@&*!

Anyway, I'm doing well. Glad you're thinking of me. I do want to share one thing with you. Something that's near and dear to my heart: My groomer has moved on and my Dad doesn't want to travel to see her. So on Thursday I'll be clipped by Petco's store manager. Dad asked for the best (at least he's sort of looking out for me) and the manager is the next best thing to Kim who, as I mentioned, went onto another store. Personally, I like Kim and wouldn't have minded the 45 minute trek to go see her but I guess my Dad's thinking time and money. What else is new.

Oh, here he comes. Gotta run!

Over and out...



SYNRGY said...

Awww... Bandit... the new groomer might not be so bad... just remember when you go in, explain exactly what you want... good luck

Donnie said...

Hey Bandit, glad you could sneak in a post. I've missed reading about you and Rick.

Good luck with the new groomer. I know it can be hard breaking in a new one.