Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas (Holiday) Shopping

I started and nearly finished all of my Christmas shopping this weekend. It didn't take as long as I thought, seeing that I got mostly gift cards. The malls, perhaps bearing evidence from the economic doom sayers, were not that crowded.

At Target, I got some really neat blue, white and silver wrapping paper. I love Hanukkah colors. Long time Bandit Talk readers know of my ambition to be Jewish. I like to be "all inclusive" when it comes to holiday giving. My cards... blue and white with a simply little holiday saying of "let it snow" and "best wishes for the New Year." Not that I'm adverse to saying "Merry Christmas". In fact, I joined Bill O'Reilly crusade against Macy's last year when the cashiers were penalized for referencing the Christian saying; Instead they had to advert to the all too P.C. "Happy Holidays." No, I just like all things Jewish yet I'm technically Christian - what a conundrum.

Actually, my religion is more non- descriptive. While I was baptized, I was never Confirmed a Catholic. Over the years, I've adopted my own personal beliefs about God and consider myself religious just not of a particular denomination.

This may sound a bit blasphemous but Christmas to me IS about Santa Claus, about shopping, about the glitz, the hustle and the bustle. Some say "Jesus is the reason for the Season." While that is true, it just doesn't infiltrate strongly into my household.


Will said...

I've come to my own solution about religion, too, one that far more spiritual than religious and one that respects others rather than demanding dominance for one one particular belief above the rest. To me the concept of religious conflict ot religious was is--or shold be--obscene,

savante said...

So it's gonna be a Merry Christmas/Hanukkah for you! :)