Saturday, December 29, 2007

Enjoying Time Off

I've been enjoying my time off. Yesterday, I had breakfast with a friend. We sat and chatted for a good hour or so. Then later in the afternoon my brother-in-law came over the house, he helped put together the barstools that he and my sister gave me for Christmas. They came out nice.

Last night I saw Alien vs. Predator - Requiem or rather AVP-R for those Alien enthusiasts. This is not my kind of movie; however I was coerced into going. After kicking and screaming the whole way I was actually entertained. It was mindless frolic which one needs once in awhile.

This morning I'll be looking at a house. It's in a town, or city rather, that is not my favorite; however, it is literally right on the border of two other, much nicer towns. The location is nice and very assessable to the highway. More importantly, the price is reasonable. The home is not overly huge. It was recently renovated and has a 2-car garage and full basement.

I'll keep ya posted!


P.S. By the way, Bandit is still wearing the jingle bells my sister crowned him with on Christmas Eve. Crazy dog.

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Maddog said...

Keep us posted on the house, I'm anxious to hear what you decide. Hope you had a great Christmast. What are you doing to celebrate the New Year?