Thursday, December 20, 2007

Planning Vacation

Oh, two more days till vacation! I can't wait. I have no plans. Phyllis mentioned she might come by but she hasn't committed yet so other than that I'll hang around the house, shop, write, check in with some old friends that I haven't seen in awhile and just take it easy. Sometimes those are the best types of vacations.

Work's dead. Everyone's already on vacation. My meeting schedule has decreased significantly which allows me time to catch up on some work and prepare for next year, a lot going on.

Yesterday we had our Yankee Swap. I got two AMC movie passes. I picked a bottle of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay (yuck!) but in the spirit of swapping I took someone else's movie passes. So maybe I'll go see I am Legend or something over the break. The $15 iTunes gift card that I brought was a hit.

Watched The Family Guy last night. I just love that show. It's so wrong it's good! Anyway, just wanted to write a short little post. Over and out...



Donnie said...

I love Family Guy too. I have all of the seasons on DVD.

My semester break is unplanned and casual too. I love those vacations.

You and Bandit enjoy your break.

Charles said...

On my winter break, that actually started yesterday at 3:00 pm cst. I hope,that you and Bandit enjoy your time off.

Anthony said...

See that pic? yeah thats not Lois in that chair... its me LOL I cant wait for the holidays to start... tomorrow morning when I can sleep in forever. And then watch about 8 hours of the family guy for a great laugh!