Monday, January 21, 2008

Deltiology: Collecting Old Postcards

Ellen Clapsaddle Mechanical Halloween Card (worth ~$100-200)

Sitting here enjoying MLK day off. I've spent the last two hours bidding on antique postcards on eBay. I have an old collection of postcards, most dating from 1900-1920, that I used to enjoy trading. I haven't done so in probably 5 years. I was amazed to find out how much the prices have gone up. I used to spend no more than $15 a card; now there are some going for hundreds! It's a geeky but fun little hobby.

Going to head out in a bit to see if the Volvo dealer is open. I want to get a storage "thing" for the trunk. I've got car supplies that I keep back there that whenever I step on the brakes everything rolls around - drives me crazy.


Donnie said...

What a cool thing to collect, Rick.

Steven said...

There are many collections out there considered geeky and I wouldn't consider postcards to be one of them. They can say a lot about the past.

marjorie said...

i have this card and many more