Saturday, January 19, 2008


I'm done! I'm finished with two weeks worth of sticky notes stuck to my shoes, flip charts falling down mid sentence, dry erase marker stains on my hands as I go to sleep at midnight and gurgling stomach pains from the flu while I facilitated a two week meeting clenching my butt checks together so as not to... well, I'll let you figure it out.

All in all, I made it! And made it well I might add. I got quite a few compliments from the executives as well as my colleagues. But let me tell, I'm glad it's over... at least the meeting part. There is still work left to be done which is fine but being "on" for a full two weeks, while I felt in my element, was demanding.

Facilitating brought me back to my corporate training days teaching software training classes. It also reminded me of stage performance: "Did I sing the ballad yet? Was it wonderful? Oh, I didn't sing. Oh dear God."

This morning I slept till 8 o'clock, late for me but I needed it. I feel much better after a nice, restful sleep. This weekend I have no plans. I also have Monday off. So it's nice to have a good, long weekend.

Oh, and Bandit got my stomach bug. Puke on the floor when I came home the other night and then, after his walk, he had Hershey squirts. As it was dark I didn't notice till after he was back in the house. He had traces all over his legs that wound up in paw prints on the carpet. Needless to say the night was spent cleaning up and giving him a bath. He too seems to be much better now.

Dear Lord in heaven...what a week!


Lemuel said...

Glad you're both on the mend and congrats on wowing the crowd!

Donnie said...

Glad to read that you did well with the presentation. Kudos to you, Rick!

Awww...I hope you and Bandit are feeling better.

Glenn said...

Poor Bandit! Hope he's feeling better. And congrats on getting through the past two weeks.

Maddog said...

I hope Bandit is feeling better soon. Congrats on the presentations. I hope you get to sleep late the next two mornings. But 8 a.m. isn't really late. I don't remember the last time I was up before noon.