Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Cries Then Wins

Clinton won. I'm surprised. I think her tearful theatrics helped woo over some of the housewives. Is she the best person to run America? If she were not a woman would she even be in the running?

I haven't quite made up my mind on her. I know I don't like her ideas requiring big government and big spending, resulting in big taxes and an unstable economy. Sure she's pro-gay but in the grand scheme of things does it matter? I don't need someone to like me in order to lead me.

Health care for everyone. Well that would be nice but at what expense? There's not only a huge financial impact but would the quality of care be any better? No, it would worsen. How often do you go to Canada for great medical care? Maybe if you want to get put on a three month waiting list to receive your chemo.

But for Democrats she's probably as good as it gets. Obama? I don't trust the Muslim.

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