Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Another Tuesday...I Mean Wednesday

Spent Last Evening with Mike Rowe

I'm just sitting here sipping my morning coffee. It's 5:30 am on a Wednesday, feels more like a Tuesday seeing that I had Monday off for the Martin Luther King holiday. I slept well last night aside from hearing Bandit snore. God, he's loud for a little dog. I still can't get him to take off his Christmas jingle bells, the ones my sister crowned him with on Christmas eve. He loves them. I walk him around the apartment complex and he jingles from here to next Sunday thinking he's all that and a bag of chips. I got to find him some more seasonal neck wear. He loves kerchiefs. Maybe this weekend I'll go on the hunt for something.

Saturday I'm going to the Majestic to see Momix, a company of dancer-illusionists known internationally for "presenting work of exceptional inventiveness and physical beauty." Beforehand I'm going out to dinner at Smith and Wollensky steakhouse in Boston's South End. I'm looking forward to it.

Yesterday work was good. I got to spend most of the day locked in a conference room transcribing my flip chart process maps into Visio. I'm such a Visio geek, love that software. I'll probably be in the same room most of today too.

Last night I toggled in between American Idol and Discovery's Dirty Jobs. There's something about Mike Rowe I find hot. In bed with my news magazine, The Week, around 9:30.

By the way did you know that prior to working on Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe was an opera singer but also did QVC. Here's a You Tube showing his other talents...


Lemuel said...

They are not dogs, I swear. They are tiny people in furry suits.

dbv said...

i've always thought he was just too adorable!!! and so butch... and now, an opera singer... my goodness!!! what a multi-faceted guy!!! the perfect husband material!!!

Sweet Pea said...

My 107-lb bernese mountain dog snores so loud he wakes up the whole house! (and he sleeps on the leather sofa - it is HIS bed.)

Go to a fabric store and buy some fun fabric - then just cut into triangles for fashionable canine neckties!

Maddog said...

I love Mike Rowe. It's the only reason I watch Dirty Jobs. Glad to hear work is going so well.