Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is Good for Bandit

Bandit found a new friend, a Life is Good fetch ball. I bought him one for Christmas but he lost it in the backyard. So yesterday while I was out shopping I picked him up a replacement. He won't let it leave his side. He took it to bed last night and as soon as he woke up this morning he began playing with it. He even takes it outside and pees with it in his mouth. I have a crazy dog.

All is fine until it rolls under the couch and he can't reach it. He'll start moaning, crying and yelping till I'll fetch it out from under. Why did I buy him a new one? He completely forgot about it and LIG stuff isn't cheap. They're $10 each. Hopefully he doesn't loose this one.

Anyway, as for the house front I'm still looking. Last weekend, I saw a rehab in my home town. It's in foreclosure. The previous owners started gutting it but apparently ran out of money so I'd need to finish it. It's a 60s split-level, reminds me of the neighborhood homes I grew up in. Great backyard, lots of potential, excellent neighborhood but probably needs a good $80-100K to complete it.

Also, back looking at my favorite seaside community. There are two new houses to the market. They're on the upper end of my price scale but figured I'd look anyway. God I'm picky. I must've seen 30 or 40 houses already and still can't decide. I just want a really good house at a really good deal which in today's market shouldn't be too difficult but then again in a decreasing market what it's worth today maybe more than tomorrow so I'm cautious.

Well, I gotta go get Bandit's ball out from under the furniture. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit would say hi but his nose is deep under the dining room hutch sniffing out his ball.


Steven said...

Nothing wrong with being "picky" when your dealing with the biggest investment of your life. Just make sure there's enough caution mixed in there as well.

Donnie said...

"Picky" is good....although I prefer the term "discerning". ;)

It sounds like Bandit is having a blast with his new LIG ball.

Jos76 said...

Take your time and find the right place. Have you watched Suze Orman or read any of her books? She gives great real estate advice.

Charles said...

Best of luck in finding a house. It doesn't hurt to be picky and that just doesn't apply to houses. But any way, Have a great week Rick.

Maddog said...

I'd be picky too if I was going to shell out a trillion dollars on a place to live. Keep looking till you find the perfect place. You'll know it as soon as you see it.