Friday, February 29, 2008

Bette Midler Live in Las Vegas: The Showgirl Must Go On!

Good for Bette!

I'm glad to hear her two year engagement at Caesar's Colosseum in Las Vegas went off with a bang. Now I have just got to get my ass over to the west coast to see her. As I've seen every single one of her tours since a gay little teenager back in 1980 and being that this is her last one (supposedly) this gay boy must go on! And this time I want front row orchestra seats.

Here's a picture of Bette and her daughter Sophie. You can tell they're related! Back in 1993 when I met Bette, I also met Soph as she was being ushered into the stage door by her nanny. Even back then I recognized the all so familiar Midler cheeks.

Randy Lewis in the LA Times really clenched what Bette Midler is all about:
"By letting the seams show Midler becomes that much more human. And the more human she seems, the more truly divine she is."


Steven said...

Perhaps you can borrow someone's "violin" to get the front row "orchestra" seats. ;-) I hope you have the opportunity to see her and have a great time!

Jos76 said...

Bette is on the cover of the Advocate that just arrived today. We hope to maybe get to Vegas to see her show sometime in the next two years. The last time we saw here as the BankNorth Garden/FleetCenetr a few years back.