Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Rambling Post

This is just a rambling little update that's about as organized as a soup sandwich. I guess my mind's a bit of mush today. My coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

Thanks for all your support on the "another new house". I'll just say things are progressing and leave it at that. I'm not going to jinx this one. Besides it's still too early to tell what's going on.

Other than that not a whole hell of a lot going on. We had a sleet/snow storm yesterday. It wasn't actually all that bad. I just want spring!

Work's been busy but good. I'd like to work from home today as I can get more done but I have some meetings in the afternoon.

Last night I had a good workout. Remember, I'm taking a 6 week weight training course at work. We're half way through already. I can hardly believe it.

Looks like tonight I'm going out to dinner. Not quite sure where we're going, probably some place in Salem.

Did you catch American Idol last night? David Archuleta is my absolute favorite. Is he not the cutest little thing? He's rendition of John Lennon's Imagine literally brought tears to my eyes. Amazing talent.

Anyway, that's about it. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hello.

P.S.S. In case you missed it, here's David Archuleta singing Imagine.

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Anonymous said...

David Archuleta is my favorite also. What a voice!!