Sunday, February 03, 2008

SuperBowl Party

Got my Bokar Blend! Went grocery shopping yesterday. Hannaford was packed! Everyone and their uncle was out shopping for their SuperBowl party. This afternoon, I'm heading over my sister's to watch the game with my brother-in-law. Alas I'll wind up dreaming of being Tom Brady's towel boy.

For you newbies, I have a slight fascination with Tom Brady. Then again, who doesn't?


Lemuel said...

Rick, I hate to tell you this, but Brad is MINE! Of course, Brad [@ Southern Expressions] would disagree. He claims he AND the Mannings AND Matt Damon are his, but one day I'll prove him wrong. I'm sure Bandit will let me have Brady, too. ;)

Maddog said...

I've been dreaming about Tom for a long time. So much so that I was rooting for the Patriots and I live in New York. He really needs to let me come over tonight so he can cry on my shoulder and I can make him feel better.