Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anticipating Spring

It's Wednesday already. This week is just humming right along. It took me a bit to recover from changing the clocks ahead but now I'm alright with it. I like coming home from work and it still being light out.

I'm so looking forward to the spring.

Spring is by far my favorite season. I love tulips (as you see from my 3/10 meme post), the smells and fresh buds on the trees.

Here in New England it's still a bit cold. Right now it's about 35 degrees with rain and snow showers expected later.

Hold on...

As I've begun typing, Bandit has insisted on sitting on my lap.

Now he's digging his head into my armpit which means he wants more attention. This makes it a little difficult to type. Perhaps he's indicating that he wants to write a post. We haven't heard from him in awhile.

Okay, just really quick...

The house is moving slow. Because of the declining market interest rates have actually gone up a 1/2 a percent which adds a significant amount to the anticipated mortgage payment. Yuck!

Anyway, just thought I'd say hey.


Donnie said...

Awww.....sounds like Bandit needed some "Daddy time".

I'm looking forward to Spring too....albeit, without my seasonal allergies.

Jos76 said...

Dac and I both prefer Fall. Mostly because we like the cloths. In the words of "Bronx Beat" on SNL, we like Sweatawetha (Sweater Weather).