Saturday, March 22, 2008

C'mon a My House

Looks as if the house might be ours!

Yesterday, the P&S was forwarded to me. After a grueling two-weeks of countering, the bank finally agreed to our price. Now it's a matter of paperwork, down payments and trying to close by mid-April. Wow, the reality of being a homeowner (again) hasn't really sunk in yet. It's a great house. My broker loves it. Even the inspector said he doesn't normally put forth his personal opinion when assessing a home but he said he "loved" the house.

We're getting a good deal on it too. Granted, it needs some work. For instance, the decking in the back porch needs to be replaced. When built the boards we're placed too tight together and have buckled up. Also there are no appliances. There is interior painting to be done, lighting to install and heating floor grates that need to be added. But it's a good-sized, well built home in a great area.

Then again...I said I wouldn't get too excited till I had the keys in hand. After all, it is a foreclosure and anything can happen but right now things are looking up.

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Charles said...

Hopefully, your search is over!

Donnie said...

Congrats Rick! I'll keep my fingers crossed until I know you have keys in hand. Then you'll have to throw a humongous housewarming party fall all your readers! :D

"Just David!" said...

congrats on the new house!!!